Tools for every e-commerce situation

in small & medium size businesses

Escrow Purchases

Enforce complete control of on all your purchases, to the very last minute. We also offer an Escrow API for developers to build upon

Pay Online with M-PESA

Recieve mobile money payments from your e-commerce application easily. Our payment API is JSON simple, crazy fast and reliable.

Start accepting M-PESA online

Getting paid on your mobile phone from your e-commerce website is very conveninent. It enables you to focus more time on building the business rather than doing chores. We are always working with online retailers to provide easier ways for their customers to buy on their websites. All it takes is our simple button with the logo

Escrow Services & API

If you don't trust your seller but you want to buy online, we provide an simple-to-use escrow service that protects both transaction parties from potential risk. We ensure sellers get paid on time and buyers are not defrauded. If you are a developer or own an e-commerce website, we do have an Escrow API that you can easily integrate to your website to get all the power of our timely platform behind you