BlackPay keeps you safe when you buy and sell online

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  We are all about M-PESA. Escrow deposits are free! Free like speech
We reduce your risk of getting defrauded online by acting as a trusted third party that accepts, holds and executes your payment once a deal is successfully completed

how it works

blackpay for buyers

find seller

Find your seller with their mobile number. We will notify them of your intention to purchase via SMS

deposit money

Once you are in agreement with your seller, deposit the agreed amount into the escrow transaction via M-PESA.

recieve & pay

When you recieve the item/service you wanted, perform inspections, then go ahead and click the green Pay Seller button

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BlackPay for sellers

how it works

blackpay for sellers

accept transactions

We will send you an SMS alert each time a you recieve an offer. You must login to accept or reject an offer

confirm deposit

We will send you an SMS alert each time money is deposited. This easily helps you monitor the transaction effectively

collect payment

You will receive your payment as soon as the buyer authorizes it, or the set inspection period fully elapses.

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BlackPay for buyers

e-commerce passport

Purchasing or selling with BlackPay provides the assurance that a buyer will pay and a seller will deliver. No more worrying trust issues. It is much safer to login than carry a pile of cash to a strange place, won't you agree?


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no hidden fees

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M-PESA deposits are free. We charge a 2.5% service fee for every transaction we successfully process on your behalf. We charge a 1% forfeit fee for refunds on cancelled transactions.
Thats it.

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